Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids
Rensselaer, NY Hearing Aids

Meet the Audiologists

Stefan Fosco, Au.D.

Stefan Fosco Au.D., is a graduate of Ithaca College and Salus University. He is a current member of the American Academy of Audiology and Academy of Doctors of Audiology. He started his career in the capital district at a rehabilitation hospital in Schenectady, New York, and has worked in training and education for leading hearing device manufacturers in the industry. Dr. Fosco has presented on hearing loss and hearing aid technology at educational events across the country, and is a sitting board member of the New York State Department of Education Board of Audiology and Speech Pathology.

He was born in Burlington, Vermont, and moved at an early age to Providence, Rhode Island, where he lived for 24 years. Ithaca College drew him to New York State, and he met his wife while working in Schenectady after graduate school. After traveling for 8 years as a training and education manager for advanced hearing instrument companies, his desire for helping others brought him back to us here at Audiologic Solutions, where he can dedicate his efforts to helping our patients, and spending time with his wife and four children.

Erin Walborn, Au.D.

Erin Walborn, Au.D. strives to provide honest, caring, and thorough service. She received her Masters of Science in Communication Disorders in 1995. In 2004, Dr. Erin received her clinical doctorate in Audiology from Salus University in Pennsylvania to further her education and learning. Since that time, she has taken a special interest in treating tinnitus and brain injuries along with helping people improve their quality of life through better hearing.

On a personal note, Dr. Erin is married to Daniel Sterantino and they have two children: Olivia (born in 2001) and Samuel (born in 2004). Their house is full of animals, much to her husband's chagrin, with two cats, one dog, two chickens, and one tortoise.

Karen DeJoy, Au.D.

Karen DeJoy, Au.D. received her Bachelors and Masters degrees from Ithaca College in 1992 and 1993, respectively. She received her Doctoral degree in Audiology from Salus University in 2009. Dr. DeJoy has worked in a variety of settings over the years, including Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital, St. Peter's Hospital, multiple ENT practices, and private practice. She has a significant amount of experience with a variety of populations, newborn through geriatric, as well as working with consumers from Schenectady ARC and Center for Disability Services. Dr. DeJoy also has experience with Ototoxic Monitoring, Occupational Audiology/custom noise protection and musician's custom hearing protection. She is also experienced with a variety of hearing aid manufacturers and styles of amplification, including assistive devices for the hearing impaired.

Dr. DeJoy lives in the country with her husband and three children. She is a certified Vinyasa and Restorative yoga instructor during her free time. She also enjoys hiking and kayaking and gardening.

Dr. DeJoy works out of our Rensselaer location on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. She is very kind and compassionate and has valuable experience in both diagnostics and hearing aid management.

Testimonials from Satisfied Patients

We are happy to share success stories from happy patients; read below for just some of the positive feedback we receive on a regular basis.

I wanted to let you know that the 4 hour drive from New Hampshire was certainly worth the effort, given the wonderful, professional treatment I received during my visit.

From the time that I walked through the office door of Audiologic Solutions I was treated by a receptionist that displayed a strong spirit of dedication and personality. Then into your office, where I was treated with professional skills and expertise. Not only did you dress to convey an appropriate image in accordance with position requirements, but also effectively explained and interpreted the whole hearing process and did this while displaying both high professional conduct and values.

Again, Dr. DeJoy, I want to thank you for your meticulous examination and professional handling of my appointment.

  ~ Roland V. Stoodley PhD

I can't say Dr. Walborn "saved my life," but I can say she made my life so much more worth living! I had become so lonely and isolated, first by illness, and then by my lack of hearing. Dr. Walborn helped me pick the perfect hearing aids for my lifestyle. Since then my whole life has changed for the better, and my only regret is that I waited so long to get tested and say, "Yes, help me hear again so I can live again."

Everyone in the practice is caring, kind and provided outstanding customer service.

  ~ Carol V.

I have been Dr. Erin Walborn's patient for over eight years and cannot recommend her highly enough! She is a true expert and always willing to spend the time needed to clearly explain both my particular hearing problems and what makes sense in the way of hearing aids for my case and personal needs (teaching graduate students). I live and work in the city of Albany and see Erin at her office across the river off Route 4 (all of a ten minute drive!) which is most convenient for me with its ample parking and easy on/off route 90. In sum, if you have hearing issues, Erin is the one to see!

  ~ Dr. James Steiner

The service provided by Audiologic Solutions and the friendly, thorough care that is provided to their customers is the best in the area. I am a satisfied customer and have been for almost three years now. Their team's effort to give you the best hearing help to suit your needs demonstrates their dedication to satisfy the customer.

  ~ Edward N.

I looked for audiologists in my area and figured I would call them, ask if they treat misophonia, and if they actually knew what I was talking about. It was a step in the right direction. The first person I called was Audiologic Solutions. And from the first conversation I had on the phone I was optimistic. This may be it.

Since I have received these hearing aids, I have been able to sit and eat with the family, and be around people eating near me. I am able to hear conversations while the sounds that I dislike are tuned out.

Through the appointments with Dr. Walborn, I am able to realize I am not crazy and this is fixable or able to be treated. In addition, my family members are able to understand better what I am going through and how they can help. They have had to deal with me and this issue for as long as I can remember and it is a challenge for them to not enable me, if you will, and begin eating and drinking, normally around me. Dr. Walborn has taken the time to talk with them as well which is amazing.

Thank you Dr. Walborn for helping me when I was losing hope that anyone could.

  ~ Jen Rosenthal

Several years ago, my grumpy older brother was casting about for an audiologist. It had to be someone who knew how to work well with his age group. Someone who would be patient and caring. Someone who honored your appointment time and didn't keep you waiting. Someone who fitted you to hearing aids you could manage with your dexterity, and aids that were comfortable.

Dr. Erin Walborn came into his life because of her pleasant picture in the Audiologic Solutions ad in the newspaper. And she met every one of his requirements. So when my husband and I knew it was time for us to consider getting hearing aids, the choice was simple. Dr. Walborn, of course.

We are delighted with our association with Audiologic Solutions and we also enjoy hearing what we were missing.

  ~ Patricia J. Binzer

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