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Hearing devices work differently depending on the sophistication of the electronics used. Older analog hearing aids converted sound waves into electrical signals, which were amplified by a standard amplifier. Early versions of these aids had very basic adjustments that an audiologist could make with a trim pot. Later versions added some degree of programmability using a computer.

An audiologist can now program all hearing devices via computer, and patients don't have to fiddle with any controls—unless you want to. Most modern hearing device technology can accommodate multiple programs that a user can access for different listening environments—from a small, quiet room to a crowded restaurant to large, open areas, such as a theater or stadium.

Hearing aid variety

Modern digital hearing instruments convert sound waves into numerical codes, similar to the binary code of a computer, before amplifying them. Because the code also includes information about a sound's pitch or loudness, the aid can be specially programmed to amplify some frequencies more than others.

Digital circuitry gives an audiologist more flexibility in adjusting to a user's needs and to certain listening environments. It also has helped drive much greater patient satisfaction and performance in noise, because the circuitry in these digital hearing instruments is designed to maximize speech and reduce background noise in real time. While these newer instruments cannot completely remove background noise, they do a far better job than their analog parents.

Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Hearing aids are an investment; follow the tips below to keep yours in tip-top shape.

  • Change batteries 1x a week; remove tab from battery and let sit for 2 minutes before putting in the aid
  • Wax filters need to be changed in 1-3 month intervals unless cerumen is an issue
  • Domes should be changed in 1-3 month intervals unless cerumen is an issue

Hearing aids are protected from moisture, so you can wear them in a heavy rain. They should also survive a short dip in water. However, maintain good habits and keep them away from excessive moisture and chemicals.

Also ask us about the EarQ Secure Warranty during your visit, which provides a full four years of protection for all EarQ hearing aids. It's the longest hearing aid warranty on the market, and only available to exclusive EarQ providers!

Hearing Aid Brands

We are happy to provide the following leading manufacturers in our office, but are able to service other models as well:

Hearing in Noise

This is the number one complaint of patients with hearing difficulty. However, every patient is different. Two patients with the same hearing levels could perform very differently in background noise. While one patient might be able to deal with noise admirably, another patient might not be able to make sense of what they want to hear.

Our Doctors of Audiology are trained to manage these differences, select appropriate products, and help create successful experiences with hearing devices.

What If My Hearing Instruments Don't Solve Everything?

Hearing devices have come a long way. The advanced technology in modern hearing instruments is designed to make the most of whatever environment they happen to be in—even difficult ones. However, for some types of hearing loss, even the best hearing instrument can't solve issues in every demanding situation. Wireless technology can help.

Wireless accessories might include:

  • TV Transmitter and Receiver
  • Cell Phone Connection and Pairing
  • Smart Phone App
  • FM Transmitter and Receiver
  • Home Phone Direct to Hearing Instruments
  • Remote Control for Volume and Settings
  • Other Assistive Listing Accessories

Your audiologist will help you decide if these options would be beneficial.

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