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Take control of your ability to hear the world around you.

Hearing aids come in many shapes, sizes, and colors for people of all ages. While hearing aids can’t completely restore normal hearing, they can dramatically improve your hearing by amplifying soft sounds to help you hear sounds that you’ve had trouble hearing.

Perhaps you’ve thought about getting a hearing aid (or two), but you’re worried about how it will look or whether it will really help. Today’s hearing aids are so advanced that there are a variety of features between hearing aid styles and brands. As technology has increased in the field of hearing aids, so have the options and availability.

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Custom pair of hearing aids

The team at Audiologic Solutions only partners with the leading brands in the hearing aid industry to ensure that you have access to devices that are high-quality, comfortable, and affordable. The hearing aid industry offers more options than ever before, yet all devices find themselves in one of two categories: Behind-the-ear (BTE) and In-the-ear (ITE).

Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology has advanced rapidly in the last several years.

Behind-the-ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

Sitting behind or on top of the outer ear, a BTE design utilizes a tube that connects to an ear mold or tip inside of your ear canal. With the widest selection of colors, sizes, features, degrees of power, and battery types, BTE’s are so small that they are often unnoticeable to others. Some of the various BTE styles include:

Mini BTE Hearing Aid
Mini BTE

The smallest BTE option on the market, a Mini BTE creates a natural hearing experience through a soft tip at the end of its tubing. This encourages airflow and sound to enter the ear along with amplified sounds.

RITE Hearing Aid
Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) or Receiver-in-canal (RIC)

A speaker built into the ear tip instead of the body of the device is what makes RITE hearing aids different. Their size is like that of a Mini BTE and they are nearly invisible to others. Mini RITE’s are also an option.

BTE With Earmold
BTE with Earmold

Patients can enjoy more features and a longer battery life with a BTE with Earmold. It uses a custom-shaped earmold at the tip of its tubing, directing sound straight to the ear canal. These devices are slightly larger and use a shape that follows the contour of your ear.

IIC Hearing Aid
Invisible In-the-Canal (IIC)

Sitting deep within the ear canal, IIC devices are the smallest hearing aids on the market and are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Completely In the Canal Hearing Aid
Completely In-the-Canal (CIC)

These devices are slightly larger than the IIC, yet are still quite discreet. CIC hearing aids fit inside of your ear canal in a more shallow fashion than other styles.

In The Canal Hearing Aid
In-the-Canal (ITC) or Half Shell

Patients looking for features like volume control, directional microphones, and a larger battery will benefit from an ITC device. These typically sit in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl and are slightly larger than a CIC.

In the Ear Hearing Aid
In-the-Ear (ITE) or Full Shell

Best for individuals with more severe hearing loss, an ITE device fills the entire outer bowl of the ear. Patients can enjoy advanced features like volume controls and longer battery life due to their larger size.

In-the-Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

Instead of resting behind the ear, ITE hearing aids sit inside of the ear using an impression for a custom fit. We offer many types of ITE styles.

If you are just now exploring their options for the first time, the amount of styles and manufacturers on the market may seem overwhelming. At Audiologic Solutions, we offer a risk-free hearing aid trial so you can make the best choice for you. Whether you want a small device that integrates the latest technology or would rather have a more basic model that’s easy to use, there’s a hearing aid for every budget and lifestyle.

Hearing Aids and Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is very important when choosing the right hearing aid. To get the most out of your appointment, you should consider the environments you are in that are most affected by your hearing loss.

There are several lifestyle types but there are a few to consider that may apply to your life.

When determining what hearing aid is best for you, it is very important to consider how your hearing aid will enhance your experiences. We want your hearing aid to fit in seamlessly with your lifestyle.

A quiet lifestyle where you find yourself spending most of your days in a quiet environment. Your communication is limited between 1-2 other people in a quiet room. You may talk on the telephone or watch TV most days.

A moderately active lifestyle incorporates the quiet lifestyle, but you get out sometimes and encounter busier environments such as the grocery store, the bank or a quiet restaurant (3-4 people sitting around your table).

An active lifestyle involves many different environments so you may find yourself attending events with large groups of people or crowded events or go to busy restaurants.

Cost of Hearing Aids

The price of hearing aid solutions is based on several factors so the cost of hearing aids can range. Criteria that can affect the price of hearing aids include:

  • Technology level
  • Features
  • Style of hearing aid
  • Size

There really is no one-size-fits-all option in terms of hearing aids so it is not easy to determine a flat cost that applies to everyone. Audiologic Solutions offers a risk-free hearing aid trial because it is important to purchase a hearing aid that offers you what you need in terms of style, usability and features so you can get the most personal benefit out of your investment. Hearing aids can and will change your life if you choose the option that works best for you long-term.

Older woman pressing on a phone screen

Smart Hearing Aids

Today's hearing aids have transformed significantly, offering a seamless and modern experience with features like wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, smartphone apps, and more, making them the top treatment option for hearing loss. These smart hearing aids enable users to effortlessly sync with various devices—smartphones, tablets, or smart TVs—and switch between audio sources without compromising on sound quality or discretion.

The design of hearing aids has also become more sleek and contemporary, eliminating the bulkiness of older models. Additionally, smartphone apps enhance the user experience by allowing personalized settings adjustments for different environments through simple screen touches.

Bluetooth connectivity further enriches life by facilitating clear conversations, streaming podcasts, music, audiobooks directly to the hearing aids, thus eliminating feedback issues and improving overall audio enjoyment.

Hearing Aids we Carry

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At Audiologic Solutions, our goal is to help you find the right hearing aid that fits your type of hearing loss, lifestyle, and needs. Whether your kind of hearing loss requires specific device features, or you simply want to make a budget-conscious decision, we have the solution for you!

Oticon Intent

Oticon Intent

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Phonak Lumity

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Resound Nexia

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