Oticon Intent

The Oticon Intent is designed to enhance speech clarity in complex environments through its advanced sound processing technology.

Ask About This Hearing Aid

The Oticon Intent is a state-of-the-art hearing aid that uses advanced 4D Sensor technology to adapt to each user's unique listening needs. With user-intent sensors that monitor conversation activity, head movement, body movement, and the acoustic environment, the Oticon Intent is able to recognize when a user's needs change and adapt accordingly.

Understanding 4D Sensor Technology

The 4D Sensor technology in the Oticon Intent is designed to understand each user's communication intention and provide seamless support tailored to individual listening needs. This technology can improve users’ speech comprehension by up to 15%. It also helps users balance their attention towards the sound sources that they intend to listen to, allowing for a much more personalized listening experience.

Advanced Internal Technology

The Oticon Intent is powered by a second-generation Deep Neural Network (DNN 2.0), which has been trained using a greater diversity of complex sound scenes. This advanced technology allows the hearing aid to work more like the brain, enabling better and more accurate representation of sound in the brain and better access to even soft speech sounds in noisy environments.

MoreSound Intelligence 3.0

Another key feature is the MoreSound Intelligence 3.0, which offers up to 12 dB noise suppression. This technology provides the brain with clearer speech, offering 35% more access to speech cues compared to Oticon’s preceding premium hearing aid.

New Design & Improved Rechargeability

The Oticon Intent boasts a sleek new design, making it the smallest, most discreet rechargeable miniRITE style Oticon has created. It includes both a telecoil and a large battery, providing more power between charges and faster and more stable charging. A full charge can provide up to 20 hours of battery life.

Future-Proof Connectivity

The Oticon Intent supports modern connectivity standards, including the next generation of Bluetooth audio, Bluetooth LE Audio. With that, users can enjoy direct streaming and hands-free communication to iOS devices and compatible Android phones, tablets, and Windows PCs.

User Feedback

Early user feedback is very promising, with users reporting improved sound quality in different sound environments, more nuance and detail in the sound, and higher listening comfort.

Oticon Intent at Audiologic Solutions

With its innovative design, advanced internal technology, and future-proof connectivity, the Oticon Intent is a significant advancement in hearing aid technology. It promises to provide a more personalized and effective listening experience for users, making it a worthy consideration for those seeking the latest in hearing support.

"My experience there was wonderful. Office staff was great. They tested me a few different ways other places I have been to did not. The doctor took his time and I was not rushed by any means. I would recommend them to you reading this."
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